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This week’s episode features author, journalist, television commentator, and longtime Washington Insider, Sally Quinn.

In FINDING MAGIC, Sally Quinn speaks frankly about her varied, provocative spiritual experiences—from her Southern family of Presbyterians and psychics, to voodoo lessons from her Baptist nanny, her trials as a hospitalized military kid in Japan as the Korean War begins, to her adventures as a Post reporter and columnist and her experience as one of the first female news anchors on national television; her battles with the Nixon administration, Watergate, and other scandals that have rocked the nation; her courtship and long marriage to one of the most authoritative figures in the media; her role as the capital’s most influential hostess; and her growing fascination with religious issues.

Quinn sits down for an interview with Ana Maria Allessi to discuss the decision to include the word “magic” in the title of the book, her marriage to Ben Bradlee, how to recognize synchronicity, and much more!


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